Market Makers

Everstrike Market Maker Program

Access the crypto industry's must lucrative market making program. Eligible market makers not only qualify for high rebates (up to 0.05%), but also receive up to $5M in interest-free credit, as well as fixed monthly rewards (up to 10,000 USDT per market).


Expand your trading operations with interest-free credit.
  5,000-100,000 USDT uncollateralized credit (subject to a Max Drawdown of 20%)
  50,000-5,000,000 USDT collateralized credit (collateral held in escrow at an institutional-grade custodian)


Boost your P/L with fixed monthly rewards.
  2500 USDT per futures market, where your cumulative monthly maker volume exceeds $10M
  10,000 USDT per options market, where your cumulative monthly maker volume exceeds $10M


Get paid every time one of your passive limit orders are matched.
  0.025% rebate on all futures markets
  0.05% rebate on all options markets
Frequently Asked Questions

Program FAQ

How are market makers scored?

Market makers are scored based on a combination of factors:

  • Maker Volume
  • Bid-ask Spread
  • Total Order Size
  • Total Order Duration
  • Number Of Markets Quoted
How do I qualify?

To qualify, you need demonstrable proof of trading volume on Everstrike (or a different exchange). Please fill out this form to start your application.

Note: Those applying for credit will also need to sign a legal agreement with us. We will provide this once your proof of volume has been verified.

I'm a smaller market maker/hobbyist, do I qualify?

Depending on your 30-day volume, you may be able to qualify for rebates and rewards. Generally speaking, applicants that cannot provide proof of a 30-day volume of at least 100 BTC (on Everstrike or on a different exchange) will not be able to qualify for rebates and rewards.